Ukrainians in Fiction and History

To better understand the history and the resilient spirit of Ukrainians, join a three part discussion this summer.  The series, supported by a Vermont Humanities grant, will begin with two  discussions of novels, Grey Bees and Sweet Daruysa, led by scholar Suzanne Brown on Monday, June 27 and July 25 at 4:30 pm.  It will conclude Tuesday, Aug. 9 at 4:30 pm with a  conversation with Natalia May who will provide information on her own work, as a Russian Vermonter, helping Ukrainian refugees and citizens.

The discussions will be held in hybrid form; participants may request an in-person seat or a Zoom link. For in-person program attendance, participants need to be vaccinated and boosted.

Copies of the books may be borrowed.  Many additional resources are available and the discussions will include background videos.  Sunflowers inside and out (and seed packets (from  to take home) indicate support.  The books and conversations will, we hope, help to sort the dreadful, ongoing news, and offer ways to be inspired to support ongoing efforts.