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Weekly Storytimes

Quechee Storytime: Wednesday. @ 10 a.m.
Wilder Storytime: Tuesday. @ 10 a.m.

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Quechee/Wilder Libraries kick-off programs for Kids @ 4 pm!

Friday, June 14 @ Wilder: STAR WARS party: activities, crafts, food, and movie clips. Wear your costume and join other far away galaxy fans!

Tuesday, June 18th@ Quechee: Modern Times Theater The Perils of Mr Punch: The Astro Nut:

Puppets and live music as Mr. Punch attempts to go to space.  Vaudeville spectacle for all ages!

Reading Contracts available for signing on both days.

Tuesdays at Quechee, 4PM for ages 5-11

June 25: Jools Skeet brings a story bag full of weird and wonderful objects. Together we will create our own Storytrees, breathing life into these inanimate objects, and making stories as flexible and changeable as nature herself.

July 2: Michael Caduto TOUCHING THE SKY DOME: STORIES OF THE SUN, MOON AND STARS   Participants sing along to guitar with the ecologist/educator/author and delight in the drama and humor created by his cast of animal personalities.

July 9: Stitch in Time, chosen by NPR as a best book of 2018.  Author Daphne Kalmar  will discuss researching family life in Vermont 100 years ago, the art of taxidermy —and how it crept into her novel.    Plan to ask about fowls, dogs, and  80 pairs of boots!

July 16: The Night Sky: Join middle school science teacher Melissa Fox  in making constellation projectors to see stars which make up the animal and mythical shapes.  Search for them again later in the night sky remembering the myths of old.

July 23: How Big? How Far? How  Hot?   A closer look at the universe’s objects, then a sorting game with Marieke.

July 30: Spooked! A Radio Broadcast and War of the Worlds!!  Sci Fi, Fake News, Radio—-Record your version and join in the Grand Finale.  Prizes for performance & summer reading.  Books and Ice Cream for all.

Wilder Club & Library  SUMMER FRIDAYS @ 4 PM for ages 5-11   

Friday, June 21  VINS STAR LAB @ Wilder Library.  Pre-register 8 year olds and above for a special StarLab hour. Follow the paths taken by migratory bird species around the planet . Activities for younger children  will be available.

Independent Friday Activities:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Actvities are designed for children and their caregivers to complete  Independently in our lovely space across the hall from the library                                                                                                                           

June 28: Web Rangers: become part of the Junior State Park Rangers through virtual participation!

July 5:  Find your Way in the World. “I Spy’ activites

July 12: Constellations: Design your own constellation or try to represent an already existing one.

July 19:Trip to Mars: Roll the dice and follow the game directions. Multiple ways to  complete a mission to Mars!

July 26:  Boat Engineering: Design a lego boat to travel the seas and explore the idea of buoyancy as you see how many pennies your boat can hold before sinking!

August 2: Virtual Travel:  Travel to new places near or far from the comfort of your library chair!

Wilder Club and Library ‘Where the WIlder Things are’ a storytime for preschoolers with crafts led by Librarian, Marieke Sperry on Tuesdays at 10 a.m.  Quechee Library’s storytime is on Wednesdays at 10 a.m.  Join us for one or both.   And remember our Friday Folktimes at Quechee Library at 10 a.m. for homeschoolers and all kids with a Friday off from the classroom.

DCF Books   The Vermont Department of Libraries has released the 2018-2019 DCF Booklist, and we have the titles ready for you!  Come and check them out, and let us know which books you liked most!

Remember both the Quechee and Wilder libraries have ample space, comfy furniture, big tables and wi-fi.  Librarians are ready to help you with research and basic homework questions, so make one of our libraries your after school spot!

Young Adults


Need a place to ‘hang’ after school or do some homework in a fun safe environment: Remember both the Quechee and Wilder libraries have ample space, comfy furniture, big tables and wi-fi. Librarians are also at the ready to help you with research and basic homework questions.  Each year we add the Green Mountain Books to our collection.  The 2018-2019 selections are on display, ready to borrow.

Graphic Novels! Check out the rapidly expanding collection that includes recent and classic Marvel and DC comics, the Concrete series, Gi Joes, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Come upstairs from the YA space to the DVD vault where thousands of DVDs can now be found classified into genres: Action, Horror, Sci-Fi, Comedy and more….


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