3 Programs for VT READS 2019 : March: Book One

Driving conditions required rescheduling this Tuesday’s discussion for next Tuesday, Feb. 19. 7 pm.  Please join us.

Choose one or all of three special programs to attend and pick up your copy of the first graphic novel to be chosen by the Vermont Humanities Council for statewide reading and discussion.    On Tuesday, Feb 19, 7 pm  (revised date!) Quechee Library hosts a panel discussion on PROTEST:  EFFICACY? RIGHTS? RISKS? REWARDS?   Join Peter Teachout, Constitutional Law Professor at Vermont Law School, John Hall, Chair of the Hartford Committee on Racial Equity and Inclusion, and Jake Blum, co-founder of Systems Plus, and like, Peter Teachout, a worker in the south in 1964.  Photographer Jon Gilbert Fox will moderate.

The second program is Saturday, March 9, at 10 am..  Marlboro College professor William Edelglass presents A History of the Concept of Race in this Vermont Humanities Council program: The first European to divide the peoples of the world into distinct races, in the 17th century, claimed that the Sami people of northern Scandinavia were one of four races on earth.  Native Americans, Europeans, South Asians, and North Africans together were considered a second race. How did such a bizarre distinction among groups of people develop into one of the most historically significant ideas of the modern world?

The series concludes Monday, April 15, 7 pm with a talk by James Sturm, co-founder of the Center for Cartoon Studies.  He will talk about how and why o read a graphic novel, about March, Book One, and about his own just published Off Season, a graphic novel set during the 2016 presidential campaign and already nationally praised.

There will also be a book discussion at Bugbee Senior Center on Friday, April 5, at 12:45 pm. March will be coupled with I Know When the Caged Bird Sings.