Beekeeping & Apitherapy, Sat. March 3

Saturday, March 3 at the Quechee Library, bees take the stage with a two-part program.   At 10 a.m., Troy Hall of Hall Apiaries in Plainfield will talk about beekeeping (tasks and rewards) with a particular emphasis on sustainable beekeeping.  Troy breeds his own queen bees–for winter hardiness, mite tolerance and honey production.  He notes, I am continually humbled by working alongside the honey bee. For I often underestimate her vigor, hard work and resilience to the environment that surrounds her. 

At 11 a.m., Reyah Carlson will present The Medicine Chest Known as the Beehive.  An advocate of bee stings and bee products for many ailments, she observes that the practice is an ancient one and offers testimony to effectiveness.   A library display features many related books.  Come for one or both of the Saturday talks.  There will be honey refreshments offered at the break.